how do people even get boyfriends/girlfriends like i can’t even talk to somebody i like without looking like an idiot and probably accidentally insulting them once or twice

im-free--falling asked:

Holy shit. I'm in love with that spiel you gave to your last question. It was seriously heart felt, and so passionate. I'm in my first year of beauty school, and I absolutely love it!! Do you have any advice for first years? We're still in theory so it's super frustrating, I want to get hands on. AHH I'm super excited and my teacher is ah-maze-ing! Our first makeup competition is in late october!!! I'm sooooooo excited!!


Ooo i always loved competitions. My best advice would be to stay focused, and be extra focused on what your best at. (Like me and perms dont get along so i dont do them. But i love pixie cuts and colors so i definitely going out of my way for them). Stay inspired, an take it seriously. If you do that you will go far with your career whatever dream you have for future.

soillifestyles asked:

So, I freaking LOVE your blog. Good, raw, sexy cosmetology. ;) Question. What about hair inspires you? What drives you to continue doing it? and why? ps. can I please post your response on my blog? :)


Yes you absolutely may post my response on your blog ^.^.

Here’s my response:

First off ive been driven by the hair industry since i was wee babeh lol. Ive always loved hair. Barbies were mutilated with short haircuts and food dye. Id get gum stuck in my hair on purpose to just get a haircut, i was getting in trouble with haircutting all the time growing up. When i was finally getting my hair colored i became obsessed. (Hence why i constantly color my hair)

My mother joined the nail industry when i was 11. So i hung out in salons all the time. Its just my calling. I love hair. I like to touch it, smell it, listen to it, fix it, cut it, change it. I just live it.

Im also inspired in all things. If i like the color of something, i’ll try to recreate it as beautifully as possible. It could be anything from dog fur to a summer sunset over a beach. Color and shapes are all around us, and i’m working off a circle, there are infinite possibilities with hair. (Makeup too). To me its almost as if there is no right or wrong because it is an art form. (Minus the fact your using chemicals, and a haircut does still needs to look right and not be butchered, but i think you get the point.) doing hair is supposed to be fun. And even on the bad days, and i might have that difficult client in my chair, im still gunna have fun, and do my absolute best with customer service and skill. I keep up with education as often as i can so i can always be inspired and motivated. Everyday is a different day in my field of work. And that, that is the best part. Its never a dull day.

I hope i didnt ramble too much. Im so glad you love my blog! ^.^

Just remember to be inspired by all things, and never give up.